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Hey Remixers,

Just a reminder that once your remix has gone live you can edit the posting date so that your work will pop to the top of the list by date. Go to Edit and then "Set a different publication date" under the "Associations" section. Remember to hit "Post" again and you're all set.

In case you're wondering about posting, we're publishing roughly two works a day, with three on weekends. Posting will go through May 10, then we'll have a week of anon time and the guessing poll, and then everything will be revealed on May 17. Then we party! <3
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Hello all!

Yesterday was the due date for your remixes. We've received most of them, and heard from some of you who need an extra day or so, but a few are missing. Please email us as soon as possible at camelotremix at gmail dot com if you need more time OR if you've submitted your work and header and have not heard back from us. We check that spam folder regularly, but certainly don't want to hold you responsible for email technology fail.

There are also a handful of people who have submitted their works to AO3 but have not sent in a header. We need your header in order to determine posting order AND in order to post your work to the DW and LJ comms. No header, no posting. The instructions and template for the header can be found in the Post It Notes post on DW or LJ.

We're really excited by how many amazing works there already are and cannot wait to share them with you all!
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The posting deadline for [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix is Sunday, April 13, just ten short days away!

We've sent emails to those of you who have not responded to the Check In posts on DW or LJ. If you do not respond to the email or the check in by midnight EST TOMORROW, FRIDAY, APRIL 4, we will assume you are no longer participating and will assign your remixee to a pinch hitter. This is mostly to make sure that everyone participating receives a remix, but also for our sanity so we're not biting our nails to the last minute wondering if someone is participating or has fallen off the face of the earth. (There's no shame in needing to drop out. We understand that things happen. If that's the case, please just tell us so we don't have to deal with the guilt and angst.)

Now, on to the less angsty stuff...

If you are posting your Remix to the Archive of Our Own (most of you):

Short version:

1. Go to the Camelot Remix 2014 collection and click on the Post to Collection button.

2. Fill out all the relevant fields on the form, including checking the remix box, and filling in your remixee’s name as a recipient. Copy and paste the text of your work into the Work Text box.

3. Click on Preview (bottom right, below the text box for the story) and make sure everything displays the way you want it. If you need to change something, click on Edit. Edit, Preview, and repeat.

4. Click on Post (bottom right) when you’re ready to post!

You’ll be able to see your own story and you can make changes any time, but the stories won’t go public until the mods flip the switch. The latest this will happen is Sunday, April 20. (It will be whenever we have a remix for everybody.)

If you like visuals, there’s a nice simple Tutorial on posting to a challenge at the AO3, which has screencaps. (Just ignore the part about “My Signups” - since we didn’t do signups there, it doesn’t apply.)

Regular AO3 stuff: Explanation of Work Tags and Work Preface )

Challenge-specific: Explanation of Associations )

Regular AO3 stuff: Explanation of Work Text )

And then you hit Preview, Edit, and Post!

Not posting to AO3? )


Questions? Your mods will do their best to answer. The AO3 support team is also there to help. As always, if you want to contact us privately, you can e-mail us at camelotremix at gmail dot com.
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Hello friends!

We're halfway through creating time, and thought it'd be a good time to check in and see how everyone is doing. Comments are screened on this post so you can let us know if you're struggling, if you need to swap with someone, or if you need to drop out. We always try to match people according to sign-ups, but sometimes things go awry. So if you're struggling, now's the time to let us know so we can see if there's anything we can do to help. (Even if you're not struggling, or if you're finished, just leave a comment so we know you're ok. We'd like to hear from everyone to make sure someone hasn't dropped off the face of the earth.)

The guidelines for posting will go up within the next week as well, but they'll look roughly like last year's so feel free to give that a peek if you want to know what it will contain.

On a final note, please make sure you have your work beta read. If you don't have a beta, or you've been magically assigned to your normal beta and therefore can't ask them for help, let us know. On the flip side, if you have the time and inclination to be someone's beta, let us know that as well.

As always, if you prefer to contact the mods via email, we're at camelotremix at gmail dot com.

Happy remixing!
-venivincere and sapphirescribe
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Sign ups for Camelot Remix 2014 are now closed. [personal profile] venivincere is working on assignments and you should receive yours within the next two days. If you haven't received an assignment by Tuesday, March 4, please contact one of your mods.

We can't wait to see what you guys come up with this year!
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Sign-ups for [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix end tomorrow, so sign up while you still can! We are amazed by how many people have signed up this year, but there is always room for more to participate. If you don't have enough works to qualify, you can always sign up to be a pinch hitter!

Sign up on DW or LJ.
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It's 2014 and [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix is BACK! This is the official sign-up post! :-D We'll start with some important dates and segue into a few rules and a few helpful links, then on to the sign-up form.

Important Dates
Sign-ups start right now and run through Saturday, March 1 at 12 noon EST (US). Assignments will go out some time on Monday, March 3.

Remixes are due Sunday, April 13. Fics must be at least 500 words long. No minimum word count for art or podfic. Work must be posted to Camelot Remix 2014 collection at the AO3 or, in the event a participant would prefer the mods to post to LJ/DW and not post to AO3, sent to camelotremix at gmail dot com by the due date, and the mods will make works public as their posting date arises. Remember, the awesome thing about posting to the collection on AO3 is that you can edit your work up until the posting date without anyone seeing the boo-boos first, so don't let the April 13 due date get you wibbling, but not having an AO3 account is not a dealbreaker either. <3

To sign up as a regular participant you must have created at least five remixable works. Writers need to have written at least five stories of at least 500 words of a Merlin FPW (fictional person work) and/or Merlin RPW (real person work), and artists need to have created five FPWs or RPWs that your remixer can choose from. If you have many works that are not eligible, consider tagging the ones that are with “remix eligible” (or something similar) and linking to that particular tag in your sign up. (Thanks to [ profile] alby_mangroves for that idea.)

You can specify one work as a "safe story" or "safe art" that you don't want to have remixed, but this will not count towards your five qualifying stories.

This year we’re also asking you to note your “starred work” which is the work you’d most like to see remixed. Keep in mind that your remixee is not obligated to remix this work.

*Podficcers: In order for your podficced works to be considered eligible, the author must be signed up for this fest and must not list the podficced work as a safe work. If you are eligible as a writer or artist and choose to create podfic for this fest, eligibility rules for writers/artists apply.

Pinch hitting
If you don't have the qualifying works you can still sign up as a pinch hitter. If you want to do this, just write "pinch hitter" in the subject line and give us your name, e-mail address, and preference for RPF or FPF and if you're creating fic or art.

Offering to pinch-hit does not obligate you to create extra works, it just puts you on our list of people to ask if someone drops out. (Of course, if you want to sign up to create AND pinch hit, we certainly won’t turn you down.)

Other stuff
The full rules and more information about remixing can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions and What's a remix? (The 2013 Version) posts. If you have any questions please comment there or email the mods at camelotremix at gmail dot com.

To sign up, copy and paste the following form and comment to this post with it. You can sign up on either livejournal or dreamwidth; but don’t sign up on both. When you link to your fic, please use a plain url (example: rather than a formatted link (bad example: "sophinisba's fic"); this will make it easier for us to copy and paste the links into the assignment e-mails.

ETA: Sign-ups are now closed. Look for your assignment in the next couple of days, and good luck!!
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Hey all,

Just a quick reminder that sign ups for remix start in a week! Check out the FAQ post LJ|DW for more information.

Sign ups will be open for a week and you'll get your assignments as soon as possible after that. Pimping banners/info can be found here: LJ|DW.

Tell your friends!
-veni and sapph
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After several requests from you all and much discussion, we are opening Remix up to podfic! So, to hopefully preemptively answer your questions...

What is podfic?
At its most basic, podfic is fanfiction read aloud, aka an audiobook of fic.

What types of podfic are allowed in Camelot Remix?
As it's a remix fest, we're opening this up to the podficcer's wildest imagination. Want to write a remix, podfic it and post only the podfic? Go for it. Want to take a series and pod parts of it to make a new story? Knock yourself out. Radio show? Add music and sound effects? Repod? Yes, yes, and yes.

Can I remix a podfic?
Yes; but only if the author AND podficcer are participating in Camelot Remix and NEITHER have listed the work in question as their safe work. Additionally, both the author AND podficcer must have given permission to podfic in their sign up.

What about anonymity?
This is a bit tricky, especially for those who listen to a lot of podfic. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can do a podfic as a bonus instead of your main work. Otherwise, we can offer your work to be hosted anonymously. Yes, that does nothing about your voice, but short of intentionally disguising your voice (and who knows, that could make for an interesting podfic!), we don't see a way around this, so we're just going to go with it.

How do I give permission to podfic?
We'll include a section in the sign ups for you to indicate if you give permission to podfic, or to link to your Blanket Permission to Podfic (BPP) statement.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.
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Camelot Remix is back for another round! Obligatory pimping things below! Tell your friends!

Sign ups begin February 21. For more details, visit the FAQ post (LJ|DW).


Code for pimping on DW:

Code for pimping on LJ:

And tremendous thanks to TwistedLea for the gorgeous banner (especially on incredibly short notice).
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First off, some rules/FAQs have changed since the last round of Camelot Remix. Please make sure you refer to posts with the 2014 challenge info tag to ensure you have the right information.

What is this?
A remix is a challenge where you write a new version of a story by another participant. Keep the basics of the story the same (including the basic plot, characters, pairings or lack thereof), but change the style, structure, focus, or something else. Our "What's a remix?" post (LJ|DW) explains some more about what remixing means and some of the different approaches people have used. You can get a quick idea by checking out the stories from previous fests. This year's Camelot Remix entries will be posted in a similar format at the same archive.

[personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix is a remix challenge for Merlin and Merlin RPF fic and art. In your signup you can specify whether you're willing to write or create art that is FPF, RPF, or both. Beyond that, we won't be matching people by pairings or genre, so before you sign up make sure you're open to writing different kinds of stories.

What are the dates and deadlines?
A sign-up post will go up by February 21 and will be open until 12pm EST March 1.
Assignments will go out by March 3.
You'll have until April 13 to create your remix work.
Stories and art will begin posting on April 20 or as soon as we have one remix for everybody, and they will stay anonymous for one week after all works have been posted.

What are the eligibility requirements?
In order to sign up as a regular participant, you need to have at least five remixable fics of at least 500 words each or 5 pieces of art for your remixer to choose from. These five works
-must be posted publicly.
-must be complete (no works in progress).
-can be FPF, RPF, or a combination of both (for example, two Gwen/Morgana works and four Bradley/Colin works), but not crossovers with other fandoms.
-should stand on their own – five parts of one story counts as one story, not five.
-should not be collaborative projects or remixes of other people's work.

You'll have the option of designating a "safe work" that cannot be remixed. This work won't count toward the five works you need in order to qualify. New this year, you will also have the option of denoting a "starred work" which is the work you'd most like to see remixed. Keep in mind that your remixee is in no way obligated to remix this work, nor are you obligated to remix the starred work of the person to whom you are assigned.

Crossovers and fics of less than 500 words are fair game for remixing even though they don’t count toward the eligibility requirement. Collaborative works are not fair game for remixing.

If you don't have enough qualifying works, you can still sign up as a pinch-hitter and we'll contact you if we need someone to create an extra work.

What do I have to create?
Writers: You need to write one story of at least 500 words that remixes one story by your assigned remixee. There is no upper wordcount limit.
Artists: You need to create one piece of art that remixes one story by your assigned remixee. Word counts do not apply.

The story you choose to remix can be any length and can be a crossover with another fandom, but it can’t be a work in progress, a remix, a collaboration, or the remixee’s "safe work".

We will e-mail you with your remixee's name and a link to their work, and you'll have about six weeks to create and post your work.

How do I sign up?
There will be a sign-ups post here on the [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix journal by February 21. You can sign up on LJ or Dreamwidth, and if you don't have an account you can comment anonymously or with OpenID. We will e-mail you your assignment, which we'll ask you to keep secret until the reveals post is up, about a week after the final work is posted to the AO3 Collection.

In the sign-ups post, we'll ask you to post a link to a list of all your Merlin works; this could be a website, a journal post or a fic journal with tags, or a page at the AO3 or another archive. If you don't have your fic listed or organized somewhere, please try to take care of that before you sign up, it'll make things a lot easier on us and your remixer!

Where will the works be posted?
The works will be posted to the Camelot Remix 2014 collection at the Archive of Our Own unless a participant does not have an account at AO3, in which case works will be posted by the mods to the CamelotRemix comm on LJ and DW. This will make it possible for each author to edit their own work whenever they need. It will also make it easy for the mods to control when the works go public and when the remixers' names are revealed.

If you don't have an AO3 account, you'll need to set one up in order to post. Sign up at the Invitation Queue and you should get a code within a few days. If you do not get a code, contact one of your mods as soon as possible, and well before the posting deadline. If you do not have an AO3 account and do not want to get one, the mods will be happy to post your work for you directly to the LJ and DW comms. However, please be aware that by doing so, you do not have as much direct control of your work that you would have by posting your work to AO3.

Should you have questions about posting to AO3, please refer to last year's Posting to the AO3 is easy! post.

What if I need to drop out?
We hope you'll only sign up if you're confident you can get a fic written by the deadline, but we understand that these things don't always work out. If you need to drop out of the challenge, just let us know as soon as possible so we'll have time to find a pinch-hitter and they'll have some time to write. You can e-mail us or leave a comment at the Contacting the Mods post on LJ or Dreamwidth.

What about this other thing?
Have other questions or concerns? Feel free to comment here or e-mail or PM [personal profile] sapphirescribe/[ profile] sapphirescribe or [personal profile] venivincere/[ profile] venivincere. We'll edit this post as more questions come up and as details get worked out.

How can I keep up with announcements?
On Dreamwidth, you can subscribe to [personal profile] camelotremix; on LJ, you can friend or track [ profile] camelotremix. This is set up as an individual journal rather than a community in order to make cross-posting easier; you can always comment on either side and there will be links between corresponding entries.

If you’re an LJ user and would prefer not to friend this account, you can subscribe to the syndicated feed [ profile] camelot_remix to see announcements. But for linking or commenting please use either [personal profile] camelotremix or [ profile] camelotremix.


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