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camelotremix ([personal profile] camelotremix) wrote2014-04-14 01:13 pm

Remixes are due!

Hello all!

Yesterday was the due date for your remixes. We've received most of them, and heard from some of you who need an extra day or so, but a few are missing. Please email us as soon as possible at camelotremix at gmail dot com if you need more time OR if you've submitted your work and header and have not heard back from us. We check that spam folder regularly, but certainly don't want to hold you responsible for email technology fail.

There are also a handful of people who have submitted their works to AO3 but have not sent in a header. We need your header in order to determine posting order AND in order to post your work to the DW and LJ comms. No header, no posting. The instructions and template for the header can be found in the Post It Notes post on DW or LJ.

We're really excited by how many amazing works there already are and cannot wait to share them with you all!

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