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2014 CamelotRemix Official Sign-Up Post!

It's 2014 and [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix is BACK! This is the official sign-up post! :-D We'll start with some important dates and segue into a few rules and a few helpful links, then on to the sign-up form.

Important Dates
Sign-ups start right now and run through Saturday, March 1 at 12 noon EST (US). Assignments will go out some time on Monday, March 3.

Remixes are due Sunday, April 13. Fics must be at least 500 words long. No minimum word count for art or podfic. Work must be posted to Camelot Remix 2014 collection at the AO3 or, in the event a participant would prefer the mods to post to LJ/DW and not post to AO3, sent to camelotremix at gmail dot com by the due date, and the mods will make works public as their posting date arises. Remember, the awesome thing about posting to the collection on AO3 is that you can edit your work up until the posting date without anyone seeing the boo-boos first, so don't let the April 13 due date get you wibbling, but not having an AO3 account is not a dealbreaker either. <3

To sign up as a regular participant you must have created at least five remixable works. Writers need to have written at least five stories of at least 500 words of a Merlin FPW (fictional person work) and/or Merlin RPW (real person work), and artists need to have created five FPWs or RPWs that your remixer can choose from. If you have many works that are not eligible, consider tagging the ones that are with “remix eligible” (or something similar) and linking to that particular tag in your sign up. (Thanks to [ profile] alby_mangroves for that idea.)

You can specify one work as a "safe story" or "safe art" that you don't want to have remixed, but this will not count towards your five qualifying stories.

This year we’re also asking you to note your “starred work” which is the work you’d most like to see remixed. Keep in mind that your remixee is not obligated to remix this work.

*Podficcers: In order for your podficced works to be considered eligible, the author must be signed up for this fest and must not list the podficced work as a safe work. If you are eligible as a writer or artist and choose to create podfic for this fest, eligibility rules for writers/artists apply.

Pinch hitting
If you don't have the qualifying works you can still sign up as a pinch hitter. If you want to do this, just write "pinch hitter" in the subject line and give us your name, e-mail address, and preference for RPF or FPF and if you're creating fic or art.

Offering to pinch-hit does not obligate you to create extra works, it just puts you on our list of people to ask if someone drops out. (Of course, if you want to sign up to create AND pinch hit, we certainly won’t turn you down.)

Other stuff
The full rules and more information about remixing can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions and What's a remix? (The 2013 Version) posts. If you have any questions please comment there or email the mods at camelotremix at gmail dot com.

To sign up, copy and paste the following form and comment to this post with it. You can sign up on either livejournal or dreamwidth; but don’t sign up on both. When you link to your fic, please use a plain url (example: rather than a formatted link (bad example: "sophinisba's fic"); this will make it easier for us to copy and paste the links into the assignment e-mails.

ETA: Sign-ups are now closed. Look for your assignment in the next couple of days, and good luck!!

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