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After several questions from participants and much discussion between the mods, we wanted to issue a clarification/slight amendment to the "What do I have to create" section of the rules.

Writers: You need to write one story of at least 500 words that remixes one story by your assigned remixee. There is no upper wordcount limit.
Artists: You need to create one piece of art that remixes one story by your assigned remixee. Word counts do not apply.

The story you choose to remix can be any length and can be a crossover with another fandom, but it can’t be a work in progress, a remix, a collaboration, or the remixee’s "safe work".

-WIP: if the work is clearly marked as abandoned, it may be remixed. If it has not updated in 10 years but not marked abandoned, for our purposes it is considered an active WIP and therefore not eligible.
-Remix: if the work was inspired by another work, it may be remixed. If it was created specifically for a remix fest it is considered a remix and therefore not eligible.
-Collaborations: if both creators of a collaborative work have signed up for this remix fest, and have therefore given their tacit permission to have their work remixed, it may be remixed. If only one creator of the collaborative work has signed up, the collab is not eligible.
-None of the above clarifications or amendments change the "safe work" policy. If an author or artist has designated a work their "safe work" it may not be remixed. (If both authors of a collaborative work have signed up and one has designated that collab a safe work, it is not eligible to be remixed.)

We apologize for any confusion or consternation this may have caused, but hope that this makes things easier for our remixers, and not harder. Many of you chose not to designate a "safe work" in your sign up post; should you wish to make a work "safe" based on the information in this post, please contact one of the mods (LJ|DW) as soon as possible so that we can alert your remixer.

Please refer to the comments in the sign-up posts (LJ|DW) to see who has signed up for the fest.


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