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So, how did the Remix go for you?

This post is open for discussion on anything to do with the challenge - remixing meta and strategies, suggestions for the mods, AO3 issues, observations, questions, etc. I'll start a few discussion threads, but other people should feel free to start others if there are other topics they want to bring up. We welcome comments from readers, watchers, and defaulters as well as the people who ended up turning in fic. Dreamwidth users, if you wouldn't mind clicking on the crosspost link to the LJ side of this post, it would be nice to keep all the discussion in one place.
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How's it going, Remixers? The deadline is coming up on October 9, two weeks two days from today. The minimum word count is 1000. We can do it!

Are you finished? Are you close? I know of one person who's their remix already. We'll try to get detailed posting instructions up this weekend, but if anyone's eager to post it should be pretty easy, especially if you've used the AO3 before. You go to the Camelot Remix collection, click on "Post to Collection", and fill out all the fields, including "Recipient" and the fields that come up when you check the "This work is a remix". Once it's posted you'll be able to see and edit it, but it won't go public until the mods unlock all the fics together.

Are you not finished? Have yet to start? You're not alone! I ([personal profile] sophinisba) had planned to set a good modly example and free myself up for pinch hits by finishing early. Instead I made a couple of short attempts that didn't go anywhere, and at this point I haven't touched it in two weeks and still don't know which story I'm going to remix. Um.

Need to freak out a little? Need a peptalk? Want to crow about how good it feels to be finished already? Have questions or helpful tips you want to share with the group? Here's the place for it. If you're afraid that what you want to say could give you away, feel free to comment anonymously (but please avoid dissing your remixer or their fics!). If you'd like to communicated just with the mods you can use the Contacting the Mods post (LJ|DW) or e-mail camelotremix at gmail.

Speaking of anonymity, someone asked if they should try to tone down aspects of their remix that would out them as an author. My opinion is that this is up to each author. I think people should be careful about staying anonymous before the fics go up and in things that are not the fic itself. If you post to your journal or comment here about how much you're enjoying writing epic femslash for the first time or if you ask for someone to beta 1400 words of Uther/Lancelot with crossdressing, you're kind of giving away the game.

On the other hand, if the fic itself has a lot of your kinks and quirks, readers who know you are likely to have fun recognizing them. I have three times been remixed by friends whose style I know and recognized (most recently by my co-mod [personal profile] netgirl_y2k) and each time it was really exciting to think, "Oooh, only she could have written that line." Some people get a kick out of trying to disguise themselves in anon exchanges, but I think it's not really necessary, especially in a remix where part of the point is making the story your own.

But, like I said to the author who asked about this, that's just my opinion and not any kind of Remix Rule. I'd love to hear other people's opinions and experiences with this. What have you done to try to keep the magic secret? Did it work? Was it worth it? (Or do you wish you'd told him the truth a long time ago?)

Have fun. I'll be offline most of the day but I hope you have some good discussion and we'll try to answer questions tonight.
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As promised in the FAQ post (LJ|DW), here's a post with more details about what remixing usually means as well as some guidelines for what we expect in this challenge.

Basics )
Some things you can do )
Some things you shouldn't do )
Expectations and etiquette )
Further reading )
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