Apr. 3rd, 2014

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The posting deadline for [personal profile] camelotremix/[livejournal.com profile] camelotremix is Sunday, April 13, just ten short days away!

We've sent emails to those of you who have not responded to the Check In posts on DW or LJ. If you do not respond to the email or the check in by midnight EST TOMORROW, FRIDAY, APRIL 4, we will assume you are no longer participating and will assign your remixee to a pinch hitter. This is mostly to make sure that everyone participating receives a remix, but also for our sanity so we're not biting our nails to the last minute wondering if someone is participating or has fallen off the face of the earth. (There's no shame in needing to drop out. We understand that things happen. If that's the case, please just tell us so we don't have to deal with the guilt and angst.)

Now, on to the less angsty stuff...

If you are posting your Remix to the Archive of Our Own (most of you):

Short version:

1. Go to the Camelot Remix 2014 collection and click on the Post to Collection button.

2. Fill out all the relevant fields on the form, including checking the remix box, and filling in your remixee’s name as a recipient. Copy and paste the text of your work into the Work Text box.

3. Click on Preview (bottom right, below the text box for the story) and make sure everything displays the way you want it. If you need to change something, click on Edit. Edit, Preview, and repeat.

4. Click on Post (bottom right) when you’re ready to post!

You’ll be able to see your own story and you can make changes any time, but the stories won’t go public until the mods flip the switch. The latest this will happen is Sunday, April 20. (It will be whenever we have a remix for everybody.)

If you like visuals, there’s a nice simple Tutorial on posting to a challenge at the AO3, which has screencaps. (Just ignore the part about “My Signups” - since we didn’t do signups there, it doesn’t apply.)

Regular AO3 stuff: Explanation of Work Tags and Work Preface )

Challenge-specific: Explanation of Associations )

Regular AO3 stuff: Explanation of Work Text )

And then you hit Preview, Edit, and Post!

Not posting to AO3? )


Questions? Your mods will do their best to answer. The AO3 support team is also there to help. As always, if you want to contact us privately, you can e-mail us at camelotremix at gmail dot com.


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