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2014 CamelotRemix Reveals!


Veni and I have had a great time modding this fest for another year. All of the works you all created were gorgeous, poignant, funny, sexy, and wonderful in turns. Thank you for taking the time to participate, comment, pimp, and create for this fest. Thank you also for bearing with us as we encountered a couple of oddities this year. That said, we figured there was no reason to wait any longer for reveals, we know you're chomping at the bit and want to flail at your remixer. XD



A Promise Made by [ profile] scotscookie a remix of Kept Awake with Wolves Teeth by [ profile] colorwheel

Affecting by [ profile] blue_eyed_1987 a remix of Knowing by [ profile] winterstorrm

All Our Long, Dark Ways by [ profile] i_claudia a remix of A Bunch of Ways Arthur Doesn't Die by [ profile] xsmoonshine

And Now I Live for the Storm by [ profile] mellacita a remix of Storms and Boats by [ profile] viennajones

Angels Singing by [ profile] millionstar a remix of Hardy and a Fast Bloomer by [ profile] agenttrojie

Be Thy Mercies Known by [ profile] sksdwrld a remix of Send Her Victorious by [ profile] scotscookie

carry me down by [ profile] moiraes a remix of To Worship a Hero by [ profile] sksdwrld

Catchlight by [ profile] envy_venis a remix of The Tilt In Yer Kilt by [ profile] altocello

Change Management by [ profile] xsmoonshine a remix of (A Change) Would Do You Good by [ profile] geekslave

dance with somebody by [ profile] flammablehat a remix of oh girls just wanna have fun by [personal profile] growlery

Danger Zone by [ profile] zairaalbereo a remix of Safe by [ profile] clea2011

Falconress by [ profile] claudine a remix of A Falconress by [ profile] fleete

Friday on my Mind by [ profile] clea2011 a remix of Arthur's Scandal by [ profile] digthewriter

He Breathes Fire For You by [ profile] jelazakazone a remix of Dark and Cold, the Nights We Stole by [ profile] sassafrassx

Healing Spells by [ profile] lilian_cho a remix of The Spider Conundrum by [ profile] osky291

Heart Strings by [ profile] xfortytwo a remix of Threads by [ profile] corilannam

Her Final Judge by [ profile] le_rameau a remix of Destiny and Doom by [ profile] jelazakazone

Here We Go Again by [ profile] sassafrassx a remix of Camelot Pie by [ profile] claudine

Highlights by [ profile] xthursdaynextx a remix of Arthur and Merlin: Highlights by [ profile] malu_3

Home by [ profile] winterstorrm a remix of Let Go by [ profile] emjayelle

How the Other Half Lives by [personal profile] alba17 a remix of Not an Act, But a Habit by [ profile] mellacita

If He'd A Gold Piece For Every Time by [ profile] sorrylatenew a remix of The One Where Merlin Wears Pink by [ profile] le_rameau

Knit Two Together by [ profile] thalilunacy a remix of Colin Morgan: Matchmaker by [ profile] giselleslash

Lessons Learned by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k a remix of Lessons Learned by [ profile] sorrylatenew

Letting Go by [ profile] osky291 a remix of Of Fate and Footie by [ profile] rocknvaughn

Maybe This Time by [ profile] camelittle a remix of That One First and Maybe Last Time by [ profile] zairaalbereo

My Friends, They Are So Beautiful by [ profile] corilannam a remix of Just Friends by [personal profile] sophinisba

oh, where do we begin by [personal profile] growlery a remix of Something About You by [ profile] ekishou

On a Snowy Evening by [ profile] alby_mangroves a remix of All the Colors of the Forest by [ profile] crimsonswirls

Recitation by [ profile] teprometo a remix of summer pornathon 4 by [ profile] hopeisathreat

rinse and repeat by [ profile] hopeisathreat a remix of Ars latet arte by [personal profile] clockfraught

Run Deep by [ profile] fleete a remix of Still Waters by [ profile] flammablehat

Said the Spider to the Fly by [ profile] geekslave a remix of Fortunate Crime Is Called Virtue by [ profile] teprometo

Some Great Beyond by [ profile] ekishou a remix of and I am almost afraid to believe it by [ profile] blue_eyed_1987

Tattoo You by [ profile] tuesdaymidnight a remix of The Bedizened Blade by [personal profile] alba17

The Former Girl Guide's Guide to Resolving UST by [ profile] rocknvaughn a remix of Poshpants and Planet by [ profile] camelittle

The Lark by [personal profile] clockfraught a remix of The Lark by [ profile] thalialunacy

The Moon, the Sun, and the Sly by [ profile] altocello a remix of Nothing is True by [ profile] amphigoury

The One Where a Bear and a Dragon (and Morgana) Save the Ending From Being Eaten By Canon by [ profile] malu_3 a remix of The One Where Gwen and Morgana (and Merlin) Save Arthur From Being Eaten By Bears by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k

The Stars Spoke by [ profile] amphigoury a remix of The Centaur by [ profile] alby_mangroves

The Telegraph Boy by [ profile] agenttrojie a remix of The Telegraph Boy by [ profile] corilannam

The War Almost Won by [ profile] viennajones a remix of First Time by [ profile] lilian_cho

These Feathered Breaths by [ profile] emjayelle a remix of Handfasting by [ profile] xthursdaynextx

This Will Not Break Us by [ profile] giselleslash a remix of This Will Not Be Our Future by [ profile] i_claudia

Virginia Heat by [personal profile] sophinisba a remix of Virginia Heat by [ profile] millionstar

What happens in Ireland... by [ profile] digthewriter a remix of when the truth comes out by [ profile] xfortytwo

Your kilts, my kinks by [ profile] crimsonswirls a remix of The Tilt In Yer Kilt by [ profile] altocello

Thanks again everyone, and hopefully we'll see you next year!
-sapphirescribe & venivincere

As always, leave a comment or poke us in some other way if there are any errors in this post. It was a lot to code and we've both looked at it, but that doesn't mean we haven't missed anything.

ETA: OH MY GOD, FAILMOD. JFC. I FORGOT TO THANK OUR PINCH HITTERS: [ profile] tuesdaymidnight, [ profile] moiraes, and [ profile] envy_venis. Thank you all from our bottoms the bottoms of our hearts for pinch hitting, creating amazing works, and generally helping to preserve our sanity.