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camelotremix ([personal profile] camelotremix) wrote2014-12-04 11:11 am
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Camelot Remix Returns?

Hi all,

It is with a bittersweet sadness that veni and I must tell you that we can't run remix this year. Unfortunately neither of us are as active in the fandom as we used to be, and this fest, especially as time intensive as it is to run, should be run by someone(s) who still bleeds Pendragon red. (Or something less creepy.)

But it is our hope that one of you lovely people will want to take over the mantle and run the fest. Our preference would be to turn it over to someone who has run at least one fest before, because let me tell you, modding any fest is a lot of work, but running an anonymous exchange fest is a special type of time-consuming.

If you're interested in taking the reins, drop us a comment here or shoot us an email at

We have had an amazing time modding this fest, admiring the incredible art that has come out of it, and reading all of your beautiful words. We do hope that this fest can live on, especially since it really has produced some spectacular works.

-venivincere and sapphirescribe