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Posting to the AO3 is easy.

The posting deadline for [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix is October 9, two weeks from today. You’ll need to post your Remix to the Archive of Our Own, which is pretty easy to do, even if you haven’t used it before. The short version is:

1. Go to the Camelot Remix 2013 collection and click on the Post to Collection button.

2. Fill out all the relevant fields on the form, including checking the remix box, filling in the URL of the remixed story, and filling in your remixee’s name as a recipient.

3. Click on Preview (bottom right, below the text box for the story) and make sure everything displays the way you want it. If you need to change something, click on Edit. Edit, Preview, and repeat.

4. Click on Post (bottom right) when you’re ready to post!

You’ll be able to see your own story and you can make any time, but the stories won’t go public until the mods flip the switch. The earliest this will happen is October 12th but it will probably closer to the 16th. (It will be whenever we have a remix for everybody.)

If you like visuals, there’s a nice simple Tutorial on posting to a challenge at the AO3, which has screencaps. (Just ignore the part about “My Signups” - since we didn’t do signups there, it doesn’t apply.)

Work Tags

(This part is pretty self-explanatory)

Rating General Audiences corresponds to G and PG, Teen to PG-13, etc.

Warnings The system defaults to checking “Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings” box, but most of us will want to uncheck that and then check whatever warnings are needed or “No Archive Warnings Apply”. (If you want to warn for something other than the things on this list, you can do it later on, in Additional Tags or Add Notes.)

Fandom Start typing in the name of the fandom and the Archive will suggest autofills. Most of us will either use Merlin (BBC) or Merlin (BBC) RPF. If you’re doing a crossover, list both/all fandoms, separated by commas.

Category Label it as femslash, gen, etc. You can check one or several of these categories, and use “Multi” for a story with multiple kinds of relationships. “Other” is usually for relationships that don’t fit any of the regular categories, such as Uther/tentacles, Merlin/Arthur’s armour, or Freya/Excalibur. :)

Relationships List the main pairing(s) or other ships. If you type slowly these will autofill. The system generally prefers that characters’ names be in alphabetical order, but if they’re not it will still work.

Characters The main characters’ names, separated by commas. Tip: Use “Arthur Pendragon” and “Gwen (Guinevere)” so your character tags don’t get confused with Inception and Torchwood ones.

Additional Tags OMG choosing the freeform tags is my favorite part of posting to the AO3! Use these to label your story in ways that will help people find it. These could be genres, themes, kinks or sexual acts, or lots of other things. Check out the most popular tags cloud at the AO3 for ideas. You can also start typing in words to see what the system comes up with. (“Canonical tags” are common ones that can be used for filtering, and they show up with capital letters.) I suggest starting with “Remix”. Here are some others that might come in handy: “Alternate Universe”, “Alternate Universe - Modern Setting”, “First Time”, “Friendship”, “Future Fic”, “Hurt/Comfort”, “Magic”, “Reveal”, “Queer Themes”, “Season/Series 01”, “Threesome”, “Women Being Awesome”. (Eeee! Aw man, I get excited just looking at and thinking about these, and I haven’t even written my Remix yet.)

Work Preface

(This part’s even easier.)

Work Title Oh, I guess we haven’t said anything about funky remix subtitles, which are strongly encouraged but not required. Okay, the traditional form of remix titles goes like this: “Title (The Funky Subtitle Remix)”. You can use the original story’s title for your main title or the funky remix subtitle, or use two new titles. Some people like to use other musical terms like “Dance Mix” or “Overdub”. Besides being fun (and I say this as someone who usually hates coming up with fic titles), funky remix titles are useful in that they make it obvious to anyone glancing at a list of your fics that this one is a remix. Here’s a link to a meta post and discussion about funky remix subtitles, in case this paragraph wasn’t enough for you.

Add co-authors? Don’t check this. There's a specific space for the remixee's name later.

Summary Summaries are really helpful for readers!

Add notes Author’s notes are optional. Check one of the boxes and a text box will show up. Best to leave out beta thanks and other notes that might give away who you are. Remember, these fics will be anonymous for the first week, but you can go back and edit any of this later.


This part is less obvious!

Fulfill an Assignment/Is this to fulfill a challenge assignment? Skip this part. Since we did signups here on LJ/DW, your assignment isn’t in the system.

Post to Collections/Challenges This field should say CamelotRemix2013. If it doesn’t, type it in. This is very important!

Recipient(s): (if this work is a gift) Although a remix isn’t technically a gift, you should fill in your recipient’s name here so that they’ll get a notification when the fic becomes public. We will post the list of AO3 usernames of remix participants after assignments go out.

This work is a remix, a translation, or was inspired by another work Check this box! Other boxes will open up for you to paste in the URL of the story you’re remixing. If you link to a story already on the AO3, the system will automatically show the author name and title, and readers can get to it in one click. If you link to a story on LJ or another site, you need to fill in the author’s name and title, and readers will get to it in two clicks. (So, if you’ve been reading your remixee’s fics on their journal but you know they’re also posted at the AO3, an AO3 link is slightly better, but it’s not a big deal.)

[You can probably skip the next five items.]

Work Text

This is the big text box where you put the text of your story. The default is html, for people who code in their own italics tags and such. If you want to copy and paste formatted text, click on Rich text (top left corner of the box). Then, if you’re copying and pasting from Microsoft Word, click on the W icon (top left) and a smaller window will pop up.

And then you hit Preview, Edit, and Post! Then wait for the reveal!

Questions? Your mods will do their best to answer. The AO3 support team is also there to help. As always, if you want to contact us privately you can leave a screened comment at the Contacting the Mods post (LJ|DW) or e-mail camelotremix at gmail.