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Fic: Danger Zone

Title: Danger Zone (The Being Safe Is Overrated Remix)
Creator: anon
Work Type (fic, art): fic + title art
Work URL:
Remixee Name: Clea2011
Link to Work Remixed:
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Length: 12k
Warnings: none
Summary: Starting his final year of high school, Arthur doesn't expect much excitement coming his way. But that changes when he realises that the new boy in his class is actually a sorcerer. Merlin's casual use of magic and rather blatant advances make Arthur quite a bit uncomfortable, and yet he can't help feeling drawn to the mysterious boy. Then Arthur finds out about Merlin's past, and a literal storm breaks loose.
Author Notes: See work for notes :)

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