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Authors' names have been added to the fics at the CamelotRemix collection at the AO3! You're now welcome to answer feedback (the AO3 has threaded comments like Dreamwidth and LJ), repost to journals, websites, comms, and so on! Just be sure you keep the link to the fic you've remixed and the original author's name wherever you post.

Here's an updated version of the fic masterlist that was posted last Friday, also with added authors' names. Thanks to everyone who participated, with special thanks to [ profile] clevermonikerr, [personal profile] glim, [personal profile] lilian_cho, [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, and [personal profile] woldy for pinch hitting. Hope you had fun, everybody!

Merlin (BBC) RPF

Bradley/Colin: Three Bradley/Colin fics )

Merlin (BBC) FPF

Threesomes and multiple pairings: Four fics )

Gen: Six gen fics )


Gwen/Morgana: Four Gwen/Morgana fics )


Merlin/Will: One Merlin/Will fic )

Arthur/Merlin: Eighteen Arthur/Merlin fics )
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We have 31 stories by 26 authors, remixing fics by 30 different authors. Special thanks to the pinch hitters who did an awesome job coming through with some great fics in the last few days. [personal profile] lilian_cho is planning to make another post here soon with a list of links to all the stories, but for now there are lots of ways of finding what you want to read at the AO3.

The collection's Works page will display 20 of them at a time and you can browse back for earlier ones. By default it orders them by date, but you can use the buttons on the top right to reverse the order or sort alphabetically or by length or hit count. You can use the right sidebar to filter the fics and only see a particular rating, genre, tag, etc. Please note that the sidebar is only displaying Relationships that can be used for filtering because they've already been wrangled by archive support, but we do have a few fics with other ships.

It's possible that pages will be a leetle slow to load at times because new Yuletide business is increasing traffic at the site right now. But I've been clicking through a lot in the last few days and haven't had any problems.

Please comment on the stories you enjoy! Even though they're anonymous now, everyone should get emailed copies of their comments. If you're logged in with your AO3 account your comments will automatically show up with your name, and you'll get e-mailed any responses, just like on LJ or Dreamwidth. You can upload an icon if you want.

You can also use the AO3 bookmark feature either to mark stories you want to read later or as a quick way of reccing them, with or without tags, much like a Delicious save. We hope people will post recs too, and we'll have another post soon for linking to them.

If you don't have an AO3 account (hello, lurkers!) you can still comment on stories: just fill out your name (if you want) and e-mail (which won't be displayed). If you don't have an account and you'd like one, we have some extra invite codes, so please don't hesitate to ask

Participants, even if you didn't end up posting a story of your own, please, please, thank your remixer!

If you see a problem with your fic, remember that you can still do edits yourself. If there's a problem we need to know about, as always you can comment here or e-mail camelotremix at gmail. Have fun, everybody!


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