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Fic: Heart Strings

Hello friends,

You may notice this work remixes a work of an individual who has already received a remix. Through a glitch in the matching process, we accidentally matched two people to one recipient, and by the time we discovered the error it was too late to to ask anyone to switch. Instead, we end up with extra fic for everyone, and one very lucky remix recipient. (Cori, we'll just expect you to write two next year, k? ;P)

Thanks for understanding, and on to this afternoon's remix.

Title: Heart Strings (A Remix of Our Lives)
Creator: anon
Work Type (fic, art): fic
Work URL:
Remixee Name: corilannam
Link to Work Remixed:
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, side Morgana/Gwen
Length: 9,600
Warnings: soul bond
Summary: When Merlin agreed to join Mithian at her friends’ wedding (mainly for the prospect of the open bar), he didn’t expect to find himself inexplicably attached to the fit cellist.
Author Notes: Corilannam: I had so much fun remixing you (or I suppose: your fic, I’m not actually remixing you as that would probably be a little impossible)! And from all the great things I had to choose from, this is what spoke to me the most in the end. I hope you like it!

Thank you to everyone who helped me get this fic into shape. It’s really, really appreciated and you’re all perfect.